Will Smith turns 50: Where there’s a ‘Will’, there’s a way to go mental

Everyone is entitled to a little bit of madness on their birthday and Will Smith is no different. On his 50th birthday, actor Will Smith went about his celebrations in a unique manner. Known for quite a few action thrillers, Smith kept things alive as he jumped out of a helicopter near the Grand Canyon to celebrate his big day.

According to media reports, he said that the entire experience for him was a lot like going from “pure terror to absolute bliss". Hanging over the Grand Canyon, he said, "Oh my God, this is gorgeous, this is gorgeous."

The jump came as a challenge for Yes Theory, a Youtube channel known to push people into taking things up a notch and pushing themselves through death-defying challenges. With the jump, they managed to raise money for charity through an online lottery. Winners were allowed to watch the jump in person and the proceeds will be sent to Global Citizen, which hopes to end extreme poverty by 2030, Sky News reported.


Will Smith’s jump may sound awesome but it is worth remembering that it was a ‘challenge’. The world recently witnessed the stupidity that became known as the Kiki challenge. With people having an obsession for dumb ‘challenges’ who knows what might happen once this video goes viral.

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