Will Smith’s Bucket List: Actor tours Dubai as wife Jada overcomes her fear of heights

Will Smith, one of the biggest names of Hollywood, has come up with his digital show titled Will Smith’s Bucket List. The first episode of the show is live on Facebook and he takes us on a tour of Dubai, where he and his family take up skydiving. Well, his wife and actress Jada Pinkett Smith is quite afraid of height and doesn’t like flying, but just for Will, she attempted to overcome her fear.

Smith’s show is basically about overcoming obstacles and punching the fears on the face. Along with skydiving, the show takes us on a tour of Dubai and we get to see some amazing locations of the city. It also has some cute moments between Will and Jada. The couple was accompanied by their kids Jaden Smith and Trey Smith. Well, before the dive, we could clearly see that Jada was super nervous, but finally, she faced her fear. But well, one of the person with them named Rodney suffered a minor heart attack during the jump and Smith felt that it was a rough start to his show.

Dubai is beautiful and so is this video of the Smith family. Happy touring peeps!

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