World Of Dance finale: The Kings from Mumbai takes the crown home!

They are the same men who delivered the most energetic performance on Ranveer Singh's Malhari at the American TV reality show World Of Dance and left judges including Jennifer Lopez absolutely spellbound. The Kings, a dance group based out of Mumbai and choreographed by Suresh Mukund, has now gone truly global as the men emerged world champions after the grand finale that took place on Sunday night. The performance was accompanied by their signature acrobatic moves and high-skill flips, therefore generating a thunderous response from the judges and the audience alike.

The team, overwhelmed with what they achieved, posted a long, emotional note on social media,  "Who knew that a group from India would reach the finals and emerge with the title of WORLD CHAMPIONS. But, we did it and converted our dream into reality with hard work and determination. It seems so surreal for us today and we are still unable to convince ourselves that yes, we made it," they say.


The Kings have been delivering unbelievably grand performances ever since they stepped into the show and the judges i.e. Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough had their minds blown.

"Oh my god. That was so insane. Everybody gets the same amount of time to come out here, but some people pack so much into that time. It was like a five-course meal. There was so much in there. I'm so full when I am done. Literally, I was like don't blink. I was like, 'don't blink cause you're going to miss something," A stunned JLO had said after witnessing their first performance. And their winning performance? The WOD team also agrees it was a 'no mercy' show!


Many congratulations, you guys...

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