You know when you gotta go, you gotta go: Ed Sheeran on his pee-breaks at the Cardiff concert!

Shape of You hitmaker Ed Sheeran’s concerts are something that fans across the globe die for. Lucky were those who could attend the Grammy-award-winning British musician’s gig at Cardiff in the United Kingdom on June 21. But besides the 60,000 people going wild in the concert, there was something about more about the night which surprised the crowd! The singer went off the stage because he ‘needed to pee’ twice, while the crowd waited for him to return!


The 27-year-old pop star paused his concert at the Principality Stadium twice, one while in the middle of Galway Girl, which was for 5 minutes, and another in the middle of singing Photograph. “I’m so sorry Cardiff”, he told the sold-out crowd before rushing to the loo.

Explaining about the same, Ed said, "You know what, I've never done that before. You know when you gotta go, you gotta go. I thought interrupting a show to be like, 'I'm going off stage' is far better than a picture in the paper the next day. But I was only off stage for like a minute. I've never done it, I've never stepped off stage to do that before."

What’s funnier is that the singer initially tried to ignore his urge but of course there came a point when he couldn’t hold it anymore! You won’t believe that he ‘started sweating’ too!

"So I was there, I was playing, I was singing - but it was getting worse and worse and worse; you know when you start sweating? The problem is, because I play the show solo, I can't just be like 'Hey band, start playing!' So I literally had to put the guitar down and be like, 'Talk among yourselves.' Usually, [with] the adrenaline and all the water you drink, you sweat out. But I drank so much water before the show," he added.

And quite expectedly, Ed’s ‘loo-breaks’ couldn’t escape social media’s attention!

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