2.0: Here's the pre-release bulletin and release details

2.0 is just a couple of days away from its massive release on Thursday, November 29th. The advance bookings of the 2 hours 28 minutes film (director Shankar’s shortest so far) are going on in full swing and the audience interest surrounding the 3D version is definitely way higher than the plain 2D version. Here are some highlights of 2.0’s release plan and pre-release business details.

2.0 will be released in close to 10500 screens worldwide thereby making it the widest ever release for an Indian film beating last year’s mega-blockbuster Baahubali 2 which opened in about 9000 screens worldwide.


In India, 2.0 will be hitting more than 7800 screens, with North India accounting for about 5000 screens, followed by the Telugu states with 1100 and Tamil Nadu with more than 850. The overseas screen count of about 2500 would be a massive new benchmark for an Indian film. Rajinikanth has the best overseas market among all South Indian heroes while Shankar and Akshay Kumar also have a certain global appeal for their films.

Coming to the film’s release plans, producers Lyca will be directly involved in the release of the film in TN, AP -TS and the overseas markets, through other prominent distributors. They have sold the film outright in Kerala and Karnataka. Dharma Productions and AA Films will be giving it a record release in North India. Lyca has recovered a heavy sum from the sale of the film’s satellite and digital rights while they will be hoping that the film’s box-office business will enable them to recover their close to 600 CR investment in the film.


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