2.0 movie review and release update: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s latest attracts complete madness

Nov 29, 05:25 PM (IST)

Peeps, it's time to bid goodbye. 2.0 madness kept the social media buzzing all day and we guess, it's going to be the same for the next few days. But we need a battery refill so still then sayonara. 

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Did you know Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth used to converse in Marathi on the sets? In one of the interviews, Akki revealed, "I was also very happy working with The Rajinikanth. I would enjoy talking to him in Marathi on sets." Now that's amazing! 

Nov 29, 10:47 AM (IST)

1st Half Terrific, 2nd Half Outstanding...Twitter is gung-ho for 2.0! Check out the public review here

Nov 29, 10:39 AM (IST)

Some good news. 

People indulging in piracy, beware! Madras High Court has taken up the charge to help 2.0 deal with piracy by directing 37 internet service providers to block 12,000 websites that exhibit pirated versions of Tamil movies.


Nov 29, 10:30 AM (IST)

Nov 29, 10:08 AM (IST)

Live Update

Morning peeps, it is such a delightful day. Our beloved Chitti is back and this time to fight evil Dr Richard. 2.0 has hit the screens and in no way, we can keep calm. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar in one frame is a legendary combination that is hard to miss. So as 2.0 madness grips the nation, we are here to give you all the updates. Dive in...