2.0 movie review: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar pack a paisa vasool performance!

After many delays, Shankar’s magnum opus 2.0 has finally hit the screens. The film is totally worth the wait and gives a cinematic high to the audience with its action-packed finale set in a football stadium. Superstar Rajinikanth brings out his vintage mannerisms, dialogue delivery and style in this segment, playing Chitti Version 2.0 and the super cute surprise package 3.0 (which will win over kids and young teens completely). The legend has to be lauded for the distinct variations he brings out in his dubbing for all these characters in the same film.

Rajinikanth is typically charismatic and casual as Vaseegaran, the ace robotic scientist. The various versions of Chitti have been further immortalised with this film. The audience will definitely welcome more versions of this desi robotic superhero.

After Kaala and Kabali, two films where the trademark Rajinisms were largely under check, 2.0 offers a lot more to the hardcore ‘Thalaivar’ fans.

The film as a whole takes off to the next level only in the final 40 odd minutes after Chitti 2.0 enters the fray. Shankar takes his time in establishing the story and the danger facing society. The message conveyed in the film is universal and thought-provoking, though not particularly practical.

Akshay Kumar has to be commended for all the grilling makeup efforts that he has gone through. Though he is the villain per se, his character (an ornithologist, activist) fights for a cause and believes that the world is not only for humans.

Amy Jackson is a breeze and is refreshingly glamorous and entertaining with her presence and limited dialogues.

2.0 is definitely 3D material and rivals Hollywood films in the way the 3D effects have been presented. The 3D part is also vital to the story, which is wide in scale and larger than life.

The VFX work is patchy and is really good only in parts. The visual effects are ambitious and very complex; - the menacing bird, the various formations in the climax and all the tricks with the cell phones make for an arresting visual experience. But some of the action sequences like Chitti’s intro in the first half could've been presented better.

Shankar’s films are known for their memorable song sequences but in 2.0, the songs are used as montage sequences. One song is in fact relegated to the rolling end credits. Quite a revelation indeed! The lack of standalone song-dance routines also limits the film's runtime and makes it palatable for a 3D viewing experience - at a runtime of lesser than 150 minutes.

The Hindi actors in the film like Akshay Kumar, Adil Hussain and Sudhanshu Pandey have clearly spoken all their lines in Hindi. The Tamil dubbing for their dialogues is glaringly off-place and obvious. That said, Amy Jackson is yet again convincing with her Tamil lines.

2.0 is a film which has its flaws and pales in comparison to the stunningly novel first part (Enthiran in 2010). But the paisa vasool action finale, the different thought that the film conveys through a ‘different’ Akshay Kumar, some vintage Rajinikanth moments, Shankar’s grandiose visual imagery and presentation, and the 3D experience make 2.0 a must watch flick in cinema halls.

Don't even think of checking out the pirated versions of this mandatory big screen outing.

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