3 years after Thani Oruvan, Mohan Raja confirms the sequel!

Thani Oruvan is considered as one of the most exciting thrillers that Tamil cinema has ever produced. Going on to become a blockbuster grossing more than Rs 75 crore at the box office, the film had a terrific run bringing in a good name for each and every member of the core team.


As fans of Jayam Ravi started to celebrate 3 years of the film, director Mohan Raja came up with a surprise announcement through a video on his Twitter handle confirming the sequel of the film. Jayam Ravi too, hops into the frame and announces himself as the hero.

Raja has almost completed the final script of the film and is said to have some casting options in mind which he is silently trying out. With Arvind Swami making such a huge mark in the first instalment, it would be a real challenge to pin down a suitable antagonist for the sequel.


Another interesting bit about this film would be to know the music director. While Anirudh was supposed to work on the music of Thani Oruvan in the first place, his exit turned  Hip Hop Tamizha’s gain – who in turn grabbed the opportunity with both hands and delivered a soundtrack that is still remembered for its grand tunes. Let’s wait for an official word from the makers on the complete details. We are so excited!

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