A thrilled Mahesh Babu calls Maharshi his BIGGEST

Superstar Mahesh Babu is thrilled with the huge opening that his 25th film Maharshi has registered all over the world. The film has grossed close to 50 crore worldwide on its opening day and has sustained well on its second day as well, all over India. The Telugu states have contributed an opening day gross of close to 34 crore, with a share of 24.6 crore. It’s the star’s career-best opening in the Telugu states. Mahesh has penned a brief thank you note and posted on his social media profiles. He calls Maharshi his BIGGEST, and is thrilled to bits.

Actor Allari Naresh, who played Mahesh’s friend in Maharshi, is also super kicked about the response to the film. Prior to the film’s release, Mahesh had thanked Naresh for accepting Maharshi. Once we see the film, we realize that it’s a really pivotal role and drives Mahesh’s character Rishi’s transformation around the interval block. Naresh has also posted a heartfelt note on his social media, saying that his career has come a full circle in its 17th year, from Ravi in his first film Allari to Ravi in his 55th film Maharshi.


From the bottom of my heart.... 🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/DDC8EVASU5

Maharshi is expected to take its strong opening momentum forward this weekend. It will be the first choice of ardent filmgoers in the Telugu states as the summer season is hitting its peak. We can safely say that the film hasn’t misfired; only time will tell if it can recover the big investments that have gone in.

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