Adangamaru's director rewrote 40 scenes to tone down the violence

After working as a co-director and AD along with well-known directors in the industry such as Ameer, Karthik Thangavel will finally be making his directorial debut with Jayam Ravi’s Adangamaru which hits the screens on the 21st of December. After spending close to ten years in the industry, the young man believes in the film to make him a busy name in Kollywood. Speaking at the pre-release media interaction, Karthi said that the first version of the film which he wrote was hugely violent and raw.

When Jayam Ravi heard the script, he immediately liked the idea but was afraid about the nature of the film, and asked Karthi to rewrite many scenes and make it an audience-friendly film. “I had to re-write 40 scenes and change the whole tone of the film to make it suit all types of audiences. In real life, people call me a jovial and fun-loving person, but actually, I have put all my anger against the society into this script,” he said.


All the artists and technicians who worked in the film were present at the event, lauding Karthi for his work saying that the second half of the film will travel at a jet speed keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.

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