Ahead of Sandakozhi-2, Vishal has a request for online reviewers

The audio launch of Sandakozhi-2 which took place on Monday was a grand and glitzy affair which was attended by celebrities from all over the industry. Many came forward to celebrate Vishal’s completion of 25 films in the industry. But before the event, Vishal and team held a press meet to share a few words about the film.

However, the highlight of the presser had little to do with the film. In fact, it revolved around Vishal requesting online media reviewers to share their viewpoints on the film 3 days after the release. Vishal said that the films releasing need breathing space, which is being attacked by the flurry of film reviews immediately after the first show.


It is quite baffling that an actor of his stature, who holds a high-level post in the TFPC, is coming out with a request like this. It is because of social media that many small-budget films have turned successful. The early bird reviews praising the content have given these films that much-needed push. In fact, even Vishal’s last release Irumbu Thirai took post-release discussions to a new level, with a lot of reviewers and netizens analyzing the interesting turns that the film took.

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