Back-to-back political connects in NGK and Suriya37, is Suriya's move deliberate?

Suriya is one actor who has always concentrated on the content that goes into his films, apart from how business-worthy and entertaining it is on the whole. The actor now has two films in hand – NGK and the yet-to-be-titled KV Anand film, both of which are in the shooting stages. But when you look a little closer, there’s a connection.


Both of these upcoming projects fall into the space of a political drama/thriller. While NGK is supposedly the story of a common man becoming a leader and the voice of the people, Suriya37 is about a commando who serves as a guardian for a politician. While it is undeniable that both these films are interesting projects, this could be much more than just a coincidence. But right now, there’s no concrete word on if  Suriya has specifically picked up scripts with political connects, though a section of the media has already called it a deliberate move.

The situation in Tamil cinema has got better with respect to the types of films that can be done, as the government is not too scrutinising anymore when filmmakers are tackling delicate subjects. While many films in the past have faced release issues and oppositions from fringe groups, actors and directors now have free hand to explore the political space. A majority of the upcoming biggies such as Sarkar, Indian 2, LKG and these two films fall into the area, we might have more in the coming days as well!

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