Biju Menon finds a supporter in producer Sandip Senan!

Actor Suresh Gopi is contesting as a candidate for the ruling BJP party from the Thrissur constituency, in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Recently, he was campaigning for the elections at the Lulu Convention Centre, in Thrissur and was joined by fellow actor Biju Menon, who voiced his support for Suresh Gopi. Following this, Biju Menon came in for a lot of backlash, especially on social media. At the event, Biju Menon said, "It’s our blessing that we got Suresh Gopi in Thrissur. Wishing him success. We should all stand with him and support him. And I promise you, that he will also stand with us.” However, this hasn't gone down well with a lot of people.

Many people began branding Biju Menon as a BJP sympathiser and also added that he could be supporting a specific community. There were also individuals who registered their displeasure with Biju Menon and also began slamming his latest release - Mera Naam Shaji! There was also sentiment that Biju Menon might be losing out on his fan following going forward. Responding to these, actor Suresh Gopi also expressed displeasure over peoples' reactions and voiced his support for Biju Menon. Meanwhile, Biju Menon has also found another supporter in ace producer Sandip Senan.

"Biju Menon finds a supporter in producer Sandip Senan!"
Biju Menon finds a supporter in producer Sandip Senan!

Talking in support of Biju Menon, Sandip Senan said, "Apparently, Biju's biggest 'mistake' is that when Suresh Gopi, whom he considers like a brother, came to Thrissur to contest as a Lok Sabha candidate, he shared a handful of good memories of working with the person that he is. This is what Biju is trolled for. Isn't it an attack on personal freedom?" He also mentioned that there have been many people who have contested elections earlier and a number of other artists (their friends) have also supported them. He also asked a pertinent question - "Why, target Biju Menon alone?" Now, this is indeed a matter of perception, we guess!


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