Devarattam opens well in and around Madurai; is weak in Chennai city

The latest Muthaiah film, Devarattam opened in theatres on May 1. The reviews from the media have been below par as the film has nothing new to offer. It is a trademark village based flick with sentiments, action, violence, romance and drama; the director’s previous films have also toed a similar line. But the performance of hero Gautham Karthik has been singled out for praise unanimously, and the youngster has indeed delivered his best. At the Tamil Nadu box office, Devarattam has opened well in areas in and around Madurai due to the fact that it is also set and shot in the region.

The film could gross just 12 lakhs in Chennai city on its opening day, with the Day 2 gross being 8 lakhs. The opening day Tamil Nadu gross is said to be around 1.8 crore with the Madurai Ramanathapuram region contributing a very good 38 lakhs to the overall gross. Devarattam is clearly targeted at the masses down South of Tamil Nadu and a major chunk of its box office income has to come from there.

Studio Green has produced Devarattam which also has Manjima Mohan, Vinothini, Bose Venkat and FEFSI Vijayan in its cast list. Nivas Prasanna’s music and Dhilip Subbarayan’ s stunt choreography have also earned praise from early bird viewers.

The Arulnithi - Shraddha Srinath starrer K 13 releases on Friday and it caters to a totally different set of audience (in the urban centers) compared to the ‘massy’ Devarattam. But both these new films will find tough competition from the two holdover blockbusters - Avengers : End Game and Kanchana 3.

Bose Venkat Devarattam FEFSI Vijayan Manjima Mohan Studio Green Vinothini

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