Dhanush and Vetri Maaran to begin their fourth film together

At the press meet of Vada Chennai which was held in Chennai on Wednesday morning, it was announced that Dhanush and director Vetri Maaran would start shooting for their 4th film together next week. After Polladhavan (2007), Aadukalam (2011) and the soon to be released Vada Chennai, the duo have decided on yet another extraordinary story, it seems. Dhanush is also expected to produce this new film though that hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Dhanush said at the meet that he and Vetri Maaran understand each other well and that both of them make their share of mistakes, but are also equally forgiving. He added that one mustn't let go of a director of Vetri's calibre.


The director said that Dhanush had been a wonderful, non-interfering producer and was instrumental in Vada Chennai being made. He said that the idea of Vada Chennai had been with them since 2003 but due to budget constraints, the film couldn’t be made until recently.

The first part will be released next Wednesday, October 17th while the second part has been canned about 20% so far. The film has been certified 'A' by the censors and Vetri said that this decision by the censor board was welcomed very sportively by Dhanush.

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