Exclusive: Rajinikanths' Darbar poster designer Vinci Raj responds to allegations of plagiarism!

Ever since the title and first look poster of Superstar Rajinikanth's next movie was released, the whole of Kollywood has been excited and they have been taking to their respective social media pages to post their responses for this. While almost everybody has been taken in by the poster and have expressed their awe, there is a very small section of people who do not seem to be too impressed by it. They feel that the poster is very similar to the Hollywood movie Killing Gunther starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which released in 2017! These unsatisfied fans feel that the Darbar poster has been inspired by the poster of Killing Gunther. We got in touch with the Darbar poster designer Vinci Raj to gather his opinion and he was not too happy with these comparisons!

Responding to these plagiarism allegations, Vinci Raj said, "After Kaala and Kabali, I am fortunate to work with Rajinikanth sir for the third time. I am a huge Superstar fan. When I get a special opportunity like this, I know how responsible I need to be. I wanted to give my best for Thalaivar. I know how honest I was while creating this poster, it feels bad when someone says that I have copied the design from another poster.” On how he felt when some people had edited the Darbar poster to reflect more like the Hollywood one, he added, "I am looking at this Hollywood poster for the very first time. In fact, they have changed the colour tone of my poster to make it similar to the other film’s poster."

This would indeed be very disappointing for the designer who has received a lot of acclaim for his earlier designs in movies like Attakathi, Maragatha Naanayam, Kanaa & Genius and also for the upcoming movies - Suryakantham, Suttu Pidikka Uttharavu, Praana, Kennedy Club and a number of other projects! Recently, Vinci also uploaded a new poster to his Facebook page, depicting how he was inspired to come up with the design for the Darbar poster!

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