Gaja Cyclone relief: Raghava Lawrence to the farmers rescue

Apart from being an extremely popular actor among the masses and an ace dancer and choreographer, Raghava Lawrence is also a social activist and philanthropist who has been doing a lot of good to the society over the years. He is seen as an inspiration for his rise from very humble beginnings to what he is today. He raises a lot of orphaned kids at a facility in Chennai and provides them with food, clothing, shelter, and education. Recently for the wedding reception of actress Suja Varunee, Lawrence marked his presence with a bunch of these children, in a heartwarming gesture.


Now in the aftermath of the Gaja Cyclone, with relief works going on in full swing and many celebrities pouring in their generous donations and arranging relief materials to be delivered to the affected people, Lawrence has announced that he will help reconstruct and rebuild the houses of 50 farmers who have lost their homes to the cyclone.

Lawrence said through a statement that he attempts to reach God by serving the poor and needy. He added that it may take a maximum of 1 lakh to rebuild a thatched hut and reconstruct it properly. Lawrence intends to directly go to the affected areas and supervise this entire process. Hats off to his noble thoughts.

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