Has Simran landed herself another biggie after Petta?

Simran is easily one of the most loved actresses in Tamil cinema, with a superb track record where she shared the screen space with every other big actor in the industry. Simran’s dance moves and lovely expressions are still unmatched when compared to even the leading actresses in the industry. With her latest outing in Petta, Simran got back the love from her fans even though it was just a small role.

And now, it looks like the actress has found herself a spot in R Madhavan’s upcoming Nambi Narayanan biopic Rocketry which has just started off with the shoot. Though the team had first said that the film won’t be having a heroine, it looks like it was nothing more than a publicity stunt with them approaching Simran. The actress is yet to send out an official confirmation from her side, which is expected to arrive anytime hereon.


Rocketry is the directorial debut of R Madhavan, along with Ananth Mahadevan who has also worked on the story and the screenplay of the film. It is a biopic about Nambi Narayanan, the ISRO scientist who was falsely charged for espionage in 1994. The film will hit the screens in 3 languages that are Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Probabilities for an English version are also being discussed by the team.


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