Here's how Thalapathy Vijay reacted to the story of Genius

Director Suseenthiran is gearing up for the release of his next film Genius on October 26th. He is a director who is very fast in his working process and quickly moves from one film to the next, irrespective of the box-office success of his films. He believes in picking his stories from the life around him and doesn't go for larger than life themes.

Genius is a film which will talk about the stress and pressures caused by the education system and corporate work culture. The film features debut actors Roshan and Priya Lal in the lead roles and has Yuvan Shankar Raja in charge of the music. It has a very crisp run time of 1 hour 38 mins and Suseenthiran believes that it will engage the audience in the right way.

In a recent chat, the director said that he had narrated the story of Genius to Thalapathy Vijay back in 2010 itself, after the big success of Naan Mahaan Alla. Vijay had expressed his admiration for Naan Mahaan Alla but wasn't sure if the subject of Genius will suit his image and the style of films that he is known for. Hence their combination didn't materialize.

Suseenthiran is also ready with his next film after Genius, titled Champion. It will be a football based flick.

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