Horror movie Kayla's makers purchase 5 lakh worth of dolls for a song sequence!

The horror genre just doesn't seem to have an end in the number of movies of this genre being made. Different filmmakers come up with different unique scripts that appeal to the audiences and keep trying different attempts and experiment with this genre. Now, we hear that a young team is coming out with a new movie titled Kayla, which is to have a London-based artiste Dana Naidu as the lead. We hear that the movie's title has been inspired by a child artiste in this movie - Baby Kayla! Directed by Bhaskar Seenuvasan, Kayla's makers are going all out to ensure that the movie's quality is on par with its fellow competitors of the same genre!

Our sources close to this movie's production house say, "The producers are ensuring that the movie's production value is up to the standards of its peers. Recently, for a song sequence in the movie, about five lakh rupees worth of different and unique dolls were purchased and used!" Apparently, this song will have a major significance in the film and the makers didn't want to have any compromise in it! We also hear that veteran actress Kausalya will be playing the role of Baby Kayla's mother, in this upcoming movie.

Talking about Kayla, this movie's director Bhaskar Seenuvasan has reportedly told the media that Dana Naidu plays the role of a writer who comes to India, to research supernatural phenomena! Here, she is said to move into a huge but scary bungalow, which the locals believe to be haunted. What happens after that is said to form the core of the story. Going by what the team says, it looks like we can expect a decent scary outing with Kayla.

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