Kannada and Bengali actor Manie to debut in an intellectual thriller in Tamil

Kannada actor Manie can be credited with a special mention. Apparently, he is the first south Indian actor to have forayed into the much respected Bengali film industry. His first Bengali film was Nirmok directed by Mrinmay Saaha and the actor has been seen in a few films in that language. He had also won an award for his debut film Nirmok. Now Manie is getting launched in Kollywood in a project that would be directed by Rajaraja.

Manie began his film career in Kannada with a film titled Desi where his character sketch was complex. The role was something on the lines of Chiyaan Vikram’s Sethu in the film Sethu. The actor got good reviews for his performance in the film. Manie was in Chennai for a photo shoot and in a media interaction, he was quoted as saying, “I am very happy with the way my career is shaping up. My debut film in Bengali belonged to a village genre and the dialect was difficult to understand and speak. I pulled it off and I am glad that I got Bengal Excellence Award sharing the stage with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar”.

Coming to his debut Tamil film, the film is yet to be titled and falls in the intellectual thriller category. Manie plays an electronic toy engineer and a small incident turns his life upside down. How he settles scores with his enemies forms the theme. Director Rajaraja is a very good dialogue writer and has penned dialogues for many of the dubbed films. He is also the man who helmed the affairs in Ilavattam in 2016 featuring Navdeep, Vijaykumar and others.

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