Mammukka is very genuine: Shine Tom Chacko praises Mammootty after working with him in Unda!

Shine Tom Chacko is known for his performance in movies like Annayum Rasoolum and Ithihasa. In fact, the actor is already ready to make his fans extra happy with two releases this year! One being Anuraj Manohar’s Ishq and the other being Khalid Rahman’s Unda. It is already known that Unda will see Mammootty as the hero and Asif Ali, Vinay Forrt, Arjun Asokan and Jacob Gregory along with Shine Tom Chacko will form the additional cast. In a recent interview, Shine Tom Chacko opened up about working with Mammootty and how the experience was for him.

Talking about the Megastar Shine Tom Chacko said, “He (Mammootty) is very sincere. He is raw when it comes to expressing his feelings. Usually, we come across people who always smile regardless of what is actually going on in their heads. We have no way of knowing whether they liked something or not. But Mammootty is not like that. He is not artificial. He always expresses his true emotions. He had a clear idea of what this film was all about and how the film should be presented in front of the audiences. When the first-look poster was being designed, he wanted all the actors to have equal prominence instead of having his character being the sole focus.”

He also talked about the movie and said that Unda has ten main characters in the film and each character has rather different personalities. He also quipped that there was never any tension between the actors on the set! Produced by Krishnan Sethu Kumar, Unda has its script by Khalid Rahman and Harshad. It looks like Mammootty is inspiring another generation of his co-stars!

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