Mani Ratnam's hug and kiss, Mohan Raja's tears: Shankar 25 Party Night Details!

One of the sweetest ever events that could have happened in Tamil cinema is the recent Shankar 25 party that happened last weekend (April 20) in Chennai at director Mysskin's office. The best part of the event was the coming together of completely diversifying directors who gathered at one place to celebrate one single man, called Shankar. Directors like Mani Ratnam, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vasanta Balan, Pandiraj, Mohan Raja, Atlee, Lingusamy, Balaji Sakthivel were part of this get together. The camaraderie shown between these directors has come out as a heartwarming incident.

With a beautiful event like this happening, everyone would be curious to know what exactly happened that night. To answer all those questions, director Vasanta Balan took to his Facebook page to share a note about the proceedings of that night. The note definitely looks super emotional that is filled with positivity. According to the Facebook post, all the directors gathered there thanked and honoured director Mani Ratnam who was the senior among everyone, after which the hero of the night, Shankar, was floored with appreciations. Gautham Menon turned it into a musical night by singing Ilaiyaraaja songs, while Mysskin, Lingusamy, and Pandiraj danced to the songs and others were seen brimming with smile. Mohan Raja had an emotional breakdown when his eyes were filled with tears after seeing Mani Ratnam. There were also 25 fully wrapped gifts to commemorate Shankar's 25 years of experience in the film industry. The sweetest part in Vasanta Balan's post was about Mani Ratnam's tight hug and sharing of kisses to Shankar, pouring abundant love.

Apparently, Mani Ratnam shared his years of experience (from Naayagan to Kadal) to the next gen directors, especially to directors Ram and Vasanta Balan. This post has received so much love from the netizens on social media and it indeed shows the beautiful relationship between the contemporary directors. It looks quite positive to see directors of different time periods, different age groups, and different style of film-making, coming together for one special event.

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