Marina Puratchi finally ready to see the light after the revising committee clears it with cuts and mutes

January 2017 was an important month for the people of Tamil Nadu as the entire state protested against the ban on the traditional game of the state, jallikattu which was mooted by PETA. The protest that lasted for eight whole days almost brought the state to a standstill. Supporters from all over the state came and congregated on one of the longest natural urban beaches in the world, the Marina beach.  Now, a film is based on this protest, titled as Marina Puratchi.


Directed by M S Raj, Marina Puratchi has been in trouble as it was not able to get the censor certification. The unit has been continuously trying to get the certification and had applied for it thrice but in vain. The team applied for the revising committee to intervene and finally the Revising Committee in Hyderabad headed by actress Jeevitha has awarded 'U' Certification to the film with many cuts and mutes. An interesting aspect of the film was that it was screened in many countries such as USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada and received the audience’s acceptance.

Raj was quoted as saying, “There is nothing objectionable or anything against the government or any community. I have only narrated a few truths which the public are not aware of about the incident. Even after the regional examining committee viewed the film, censor certificate was denied. Then it was sent to the revising committee which denied the certificate without any reason. I finally had to approach the court”. The film features Naveen and Shruthi as the lead actors. Incidentally they had participated in the protests. Velraj is the cinematographer. Jesu Sundarraman from California will release the movie worldwide through his ‘J Studios’ by the end of this month.

Jallikattu Jeevitha Marina Puratchi Naveen and Shruthi PETA. Jesu Sundarraman Tamil Nadu Trending In South Velraj

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