#MeToo: Mohanlal makes a shocking statement, calls it a fad!

Speaking at a press conference in Dubai where he had been to promote the upcoming fundraising show named Onnanu Namal (We are One), Malayalam superstar Mohanlal had some absurd and shocking comments to throw back when he was questioned about the #MeToo movement.

During the press conference, Mohanlal was asked for his comments on the movement, to which he responded saying “Everybody knows everything that has happened. There is no big problem in the Malayalam film industry as of now. #MeToo is not a movement, it is just a fad that is becoming a fashion. Anything of this sort will have a short lifespan.”


Adding more thoughts of his to an interview with the Gulf News, later on, Mohanlal said “We (men) can also come out with a #MeToo, gender-wise. I cannot make a comment on that. Only when you experience something like that, you can make a comment on it. Just giving a comment on it isn’t the right thing. I don’t know much about it.”

These two contrasting statements within the space of just a few minutes left the fellow reporters confused on Mohanlal’s actual idea about the movement. However, his harsh statement at the press conference is sure to offend a few including the WCC (Women in Cinema Collective) association in Kerala who have been continuously bombarding the AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Actors, which is headed by Mohanlal) with questions on the safety and status of women actors in the Malayalam film industry.


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