Mohanlal's Odiyan panned by critics and audiences

Mohanlal’s Odiyan released amid humongous expectations in Kerala and the rest of the world on December 14th. It was said to be the widest ever release for a Malayalam film. The statewide ‘hartal’ sponsored by BJP in Kerala on Friday added some controversy and tension prior to the release of the film but the opening was smooth in all release centres. The film also had Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions to cater to fans of the ‘Complete Actor' Mohanlal in TN and the two Telugu states.

But much to the disappointment of all Mohanlal fans and movie buffs, the film has received unanimously poor reviews. The content by director V.A.Shrikumar Menon is said to be unexciting, with the star actor’s performance and the background score of Sam CS said being the only highlights. The film’s concept has been declared unique and interesting, but the treatment, execution and the slow-paced narration are seen as the biggest drawbacks.

At the box-office, Odiyan's opening day has been massive due to the hype that the film carried and also Mohanlal’s immense star power. We have to see how the coming days hold up, given the below par talk prevailing for the film.

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