Petta music review: Anirudh delivers a powerful soundtrack replete with energetic tunes

When it comes to kuththu beats, there is nobody else in the Tamil scene who can bring in the excitement as much as Anirudh does, at the moment. Following his comparatively better songs in Aaluma Doluma, Karuthanvanlaam Galeejam and Sodakku, Petta’s first track in Marana Mass arises the celebratory mood easily. The song thrives on a standard issue beat, but what makes it go high are SPB’s vocals and of course – the trumpets.

In Ilamai Thirumbudhe, the much-loved pair of Anirudh and Dhanush return as singer-composer and lyricist respectively to give us a lilting melody that brings about the uplifting mood in quick time. The beauty of the song is how it doesn’t get tempted to have strong elevations and only chooses to keep it breezy.

Petta Paraak is the soundtrack’s big surprise, delivering an absolutely electrifying title song that fires on all cylinders. Anirudh shies away from the usual vocals, and opts for a three-tier chorus organization that clicks big time. Rajinikanth’s entry to recite the punch line is a genius move!

Aaha Kalyanam is the soundtrack’s big downer. Both Anirudh’s beats and Anthonydaasan’s vocals sound rushed, and only make you raise eyebrows on how this made it into a Rajinikanth starrer.

After a long long time, Superstar Rajinikanth could be returning to his child-like, joyous mood through Ullaallaa, which actually works like a slow poison. At the surface, this is simple baila, but a few listens into it and you find it hard to stop humming this. Nakash Aziz, thank you.

Anirudh and Karthik Subbaraj go totally crazy in Thappad Maara, an all-Hindi track with Rajasthani street vibes. This is definitely going to find itself in one of the most interesting sequences of the film.

Out of all the themes that the soundtrack has, the Petta theme and Kaali theme stand out as grand and exciting ones. With a likable drum-and-pipe mix, Anirudh makes Singaar Singh sound interesting, but it would be better to leave it to the film to use these to the maximum in the narrative.

On the whole, Petta offers a lot of variety and a happy mood which makes it one of the most enjoyable albums for a film featuring the Superstar in recent times. For Rajinikanth fans, by Rajinikanth fans.

Aaha Kalyanam Anirudh Ilamai Thirumbudhe Marana Mass Petta Paraak Ullaallaa

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