Raavana Kottam: Shanthnu’s next with Vikram Sugumaran will be an intense rural tale

Talented young actor Shanthnu Bhagyaraj was on the verge of taking the big leap in his career with Mysskin’s Psycho, but the project unfortunately fell out of his hands and landed on Udhaynidhi Stalin’s door. This unlucky turn did indeed disappoint the actor, but things are back on good track now as he has signed up a highly promising project titled Raavana Kottam with director Vikram Sugumaran of Madha Yaanai Kootam fame. Close associates of the director have already said that this is a hugely exciting script that will provide loads of acting scope to Shanthnu as well.

Speaking about the film, producer Kannan Ravi says, “Having spent more time abroad, I have always carried a penchant liking for movies tha emphasis the inherent nativity of Indian soil, especially Tamil Nadu. When I decided to produce films, I was keenly looking forward to bring up such a movie, which isn’t merely due to self-interest, but as a means of projecting the native elements of Tamil Nadu. During this juncture, I happened to meet filmmaker Vikram Sugumaran coincidentally and he narrated a script that sounded completely perfect in accordance to what I was actually looking up.” Apparently, Vikram has put in years of research for the film, going through the lives of people down south.


The shoot for Raavana Kottam has already begun, with Shanthnu’s portions being shot first. The team is still in the process of finalizing the female lead, but have already signed Justin Prabhakaran to compose tunes for the film.

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