Samantha Akkineni joins the 'promotional music video' bandwagon

The trend of promotional music videos is catching on like wild fire in the Tamil film industry. It was used extensively for the recent blockbuster Kolamaavu Kokila, with composer Anirudh and Nayanthara setting aside time to shoot for exclusive music videos which worked big time in the online space. These videos were shot with great production value and looked international in every sense. Director Vignesh ShivN was also involved in shooting these videos. The songs (except the mega-hit 'Kalyaana Vayasu') were used more like montage sequences in the film and didn't hamper its flow.

Samantha's upcoming U-Turn, set for release on September 13th, also had a promotional video (titled 'The Karma Theme') released earlier in the day, with Anirudh taking charge of the music and also making an appearance in the video. Samantha kills it with her dance moves showing a lot of swag and attitude. It's a really well-shot video with the music falling in the trippy EDM space, always an Anirudh stronghold.

Samantha’s dance moves are a revelation as she hasn’t danced like this in any of her films so far. Guess she got inspired by the film (in which she is the biggest draw) and the song’s ‘breaking the shackles’ motivational concept.​

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