Sarkar on November 2: Good business decision but is it ready?

On Wednesday morning, news broke out onto social media platforms that the overseas distributors have asked Sun Pictures, the makers of Sarkar, to advance the release date of the film from Diwali day (November 6) to November 2. But on the other hand, distributors and exhibitors in Tamil Nadu want the film to hit the screens only on the festival date as they feel it would be more accessible.

But for the early release to happen, a lot of things need to fall in place. First up, the official censor announcement is yet to arrive from the makers. This is a primary requisite for the release process to begin in full swing. Apart from the main censor, the overseas censor process is another factor which is yet to be started.


In Tamil Nadu, the film has been signed in all the areas but for the Chengelpet ring which contains many important theatres. The talks between the distributors and exhibitors are currently underway and will be finalised in a few days.

As for fans, they feel that the November 6 date would be apt. As the Diwali festive brings them a holiday, it would be much easier to facilitate the celebrations that they have planned. In addition, exams across two big institutions (Anna University and Madras University) are also on, which will affect the excitement in one way or the other.

Sun Pictures will be wrapping up the censor documentation process by the end of the week, after which they will make an official announcement on the release date.

AR Murugadoss Entertainment overseas regional Sarkar Thalapathy Vijay

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