Sarkar plagiarism row: Is AR Murugadoss really in the wrong?

As Sarkar gears up for its release on the 6th of November, fans are getting excited with lots of exciting updates coming their way. But on the other side, there is a turn off for them in the form of the existing controversy surrounding the accusation on AR Murugadoss stealing the story of the film from a writer and assistant director who goes by the name of Varun Rajendran. After reading both the scripts and hearing out the explanations, the Writers Union had found out that both the scripts were indeed similar but for the incidents that take place at the start of the film.

While Varun’s script has some law college episodes, Murugadoss has portrayed Vijay as a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, who comes down to Chennai to cast his vote in the election. Veteran director Bhagyaraj, the head of the Writers Union has examined both the scripts and said “When I read both the scripts, I found many similarities. Murugadoss’ script is same as that of Varun’s, right till the end. Actually, a single incident is enough to pen a screenplay, but in this case, there were more connections than usual. I advised Murugadoss to share the credit with Varun, but he is still adamant and will not budge. The problem here is that Varun cannot do anything with the script that he has filed so many years ago. No other hero will accept his film hereon because of Vijay’s terrific popularity.”

While such an issue is running around, a section of the public feels that revealing the story in the teaser is the root cause of this problem. As Murugadoss has decided to take it to the court, it does look like he is confident on the content being his brainchild. More clarity on the same is expected in the coming days!

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