Sarkar scuffle: Plagiarism charges levied on director AR Murugadoss

The teaser of Thalapathy Vijay’s upcoming political thriller Sarkar which was launched on Friday has taken YouTube by storm, gathering 20 million views with a big load of likes. While that stands as a positive, trouble has begun for the team as plagiarism charges have been put upon director AR Murugadoss already.


Writer and assistant director Varun Rajendran has filed a complaint against Murugadoss, saying that the story of Sarkar is a copy of his work Sengol which was registered with the Writer’s Union back in 2007.  Varun had narrated the story to SA Chandrasekhar, father of Vijay, but had never got anything in return since then.


This isn’t the first time director AR Murugadoss has faced accusations of plagiarism. While he was first criticized for taking cues out of Christopher Nolan’s Memento for his Suriya starrer Ghajini, he also got into a controversy when writer Minjur Gopi filed a case for stealing the story of the 2014 blockbuster Kaththi. However, Gopi later went on to withdraw the case against Murugadoss.

The director is expected to come out with a statement on the same soon, while the matter is being looked into by the officials at the Writers Union.

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