Siddharth gets into a crass twitter brawl with Ajith and Suriya fans

Last night the results of the IPL finals between the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians had left many CSK fans sad and disappointed. Mumbai Indians led by Rohit Sharma had won the match by a single run in a nail biting finish that was held in Hyderabad. There were many celebs that had congratulated both the teams and had expressed their love for the game. However, one such tweet of actor Siddharth had ended up the actor getting into an ugly spat with some of the Twitter users.

Siddharth had lauded the captain of Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma when he said that he is a genuinely successful captain and that his attitude is reflective of his class unmindful of the performance of his team. He also added that Rohit has an impressive statistics with regard to the game which only shows that he is the legend. There are many people who could not take this and started abusing the actor. One of the Twitter users with actor Ajith’s photo as his DP stated that these cricket players don’t rely on any hard work. To this, Siddharth retorted saying that if the person has a role model in Ajith (as his DP is Ajith), then he would definitely respect hard work.


There was also one of Suriya’s fans who abused Siddharth on this issue but many of the actor’s fans came to Siddharth’s rescue apologizing for the indecent behavior of the person. Such trolls and abuses are quite common especially in twitter but what was surprising to neutral users was Siddharth responding to such useless comments. The best way to deal with such scumbags is to block or ignore wherein one’s time and energy is saved. Unfortunately Siddharth was in a retorting mood last night.

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