Sivakumar calls for trouble, veteran actor loses his cool with a fan

The new controversy from Tamil cinema that’s catching fire is of veteran actor Sivakumar, the father of actors Suriya and Karthi, who was the chief guest at an inauguration event in Madurai on Monday morning.

Just as Sivakumar was walking in to cut the symbolic ribbon, an enthusiastic young male fan tried to click a ‘selfie’ of himself and Sivakumar, without the knowledge of the actor. The actor spotted this, lost his cool and literally hit the phone out of the boy's hands, much to the shock of those present.

This incident quickly went viral and gave instant fodder for meme creators and troll pages to run riot. Some of the memes are extremely funny and connect topical recent issues and film scenes with today's incident.


Sivakumar has sent his clarification regarding this incident through a detailed press statement,

“From the moment, I stepped out of the car and walked into the venue that was occupied with 200-300 people, I felt a little disappointed to see around 20-25 people clicking ‘selfies’ by even pushing the volunteers and guards who accompanied me there.

What I personally feel is that it is part of basic courtesy to ask any celebrity before they start clicking photos with him/her. A celebrity cannot be taken for granted as a public property. I am someone, who has never hesitated to take photos at the airport and any other public gatherings with hundreds and thousands of people.

I am not claiming myself to be a Buddha or a saint; I'm just an ordinary person like you. Moreover, I am not requesting anyone to accept me as their leader or hero. But we should think at least for a while on how some of our deeds might affect others.”

Hope this clears everything.

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