Thalapathy Vijay's Sarkar 'almost' manages to put behind his Mersal

Thalapathy Vijay’s Sarkar has crossed a few more important milestones as it continues its run into the third week. In Chennai city, it has emulated Baahubali 2 by crossing the Rs 14 crore gross mark. Sarkar has grossed Rs 14.04 crore in Chennai after 16 days, and may just hit the Rs 15 crore mark, before 2.0 releases on November 29th. This Friday, many small films like Sei and Vandi would be releasing, and Sarkar would continue to hold onto the important big screens across Chennai.

In the Coimbatore territory, Sarkar has grossed close to Rs 19 crore with a share of Rs 13 crore and emerged commercially viable for the distributor in that area. In both Chennai city and Coimbatore, Sarkar has bettered Mersal’s performance and this is highly praiseworthy.

The overall TN gross and worldwide gross of Sarkar is yet to cross the totals of Mersal but the film has done better than Mersal in a few key individual territories. Likewise in the overseas front, UAE - GCC is a region where Sarkar has grossed much higher than Mersal.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of media and public interest over whether Sarkar would reach the breakeven mark eventually. We can spot many interviews of trade trackers and theater owners flooding the internet, with contrasting opinions regarding this topic.

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