Thamizh Padam director CS Amudhan comes out in support of Game of Thrones makers after coffee cup fiasco!

Game of Thrones has such a huge fan following that thanks to the show people look forward to Mondays now instead of weekends! The series is in the last season currently and fans are impatiently waiting to see what finally happens and who gets to sit on the Iron Throne. While we all love watching our favourite episodes, again and again, nit-picking is inevitable. On Sunday, eagle-eyed fans of GOT noticed something out of place during a feast scene in the fourth episode of the final season of this epic fantasy show — a modern-day coffee cup. Well, since then Twitter has been on fire, needless to say.

And in between all that, we found a fan from the South Film Industry who decided to take a stand and mention how mistakes like these happen all the time. CS Amudhan, who is known for his sarcastic comments on Twitter, wrote that the coffee cup is just a ‘reassuring reminder’ that even high-budget Hollywood shoot sets are no less chaotic and messy than any other shooting spot. Just like him, celebrities from many industries also posted many nice words for the GOT makers and said these things often happen to the best ones.


CS Amudhan is known for his famous film Thamizh Padam and of course his clever remarks on Twitter. We cannot wait to see what he posts on next! Stay tuned.

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