Vijay Deverakonda’s NOTA is a cinematic adaption of this famous novel!

Arjun Reddy fame Vijay Deverakonda makes inroads into the Tamil industry with his bilingual political drama NOTA, which is directed by Anand Shankar of Arima Nambi and Iru Mugan fame. With veterans like Sathyaraj, Nasser and MS Bhaskar in the cast, it turns out to be an interesting fare which will put forward a take on the current political situation across the south-Indian states.


However, producer Gnanavel Raja has revealed in a recent interview that the film is not a true story but is based on a famous novel Vettattam, written by Shan Karuppusamy. Anand Shankar had worked with the writer himself for the cinematic script of the film, making small changes to adapt it to the narrative. However, the team is confident that it will not be taking sides or showcasing any particular person in negative shades.

The trailer of NOTA which was released few weeks ago was packed with a lot of intriguing dialogues that struck a chord with the audience.


The film arrives to theatres on the 5th of October, with a simultaneous release in both Tamil and Telugu with the same title. Studio Green has planned a good release, with close to 300 screens in Tamil Nadu.


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