Viswasam's Adchi Thooku is a treat for Thala Ajith fans

After a long period of waiting and anticipation among Thala Ajith’s fans, the first single from Viswasam, 'Adchi Thooku' was launched at 7pm on Monday. The reach has been huge as expected and the song has gone viral in no time, with lakhs of views and likes.

The song as such doesn’t have anything new to offer and is a trademark Imman track, high on energy and pep. Ajith looks great in the lyric video which also has a small live-action clip. The white shirt, dhoti, rugged facial hair and grey-haired look suits him great yet again. There is a subtle variation in his Viswasam look from Veeram though on the surface the styling is similar.

Kalyan has choreographed the moves for this song, which has also been sung by composer Imman and written by Viveka. In recent interviews, Kalyan has said that Ajith has pushed his limits in the dance department and has moved really well. It must be noted that Kalyan is the man who choreographed the evergreen mega chartbuster 'Aaluma Doluma' as well.

The final word on Adchi Thooku is that it’s a gallery pleasing song for Thala fans, who are bound to have a jolly good time when it comes on screen.

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