With a press premiere 3 days prior to release, 96 attains classic status

The Vijay Sethupathi - Trisha starrer 96 is set for a grand release tomorrow, the 4th of October. The film will have a 4-day opening since it is a Thursday release.

The team had their press show on Monday, 3 days prior to their release and the show has worked wonders for the film. Leading media outlets and reviewers are raving about the film and have given really high star ratings in their reviews of the film. Director Prem Kumar’s gamble to have an early show has paid off handsomely.


All this has made 96 even hotter among the audience. The pre-release promos, the songs and the lead pair already gave the film enough spotlight. Now the advance good reviews are the icing on the cake and tickets for the film are being pre-booked at a healthy rate.

96 is a mature, classy love story presented in a very decent and dignified manner. The lead pair and the actors playing their teen versions have done an excellent job. The film is sure to invoke a lot of memories in all viewers due to its universally relatable content. The songs and the visuals also add to the film’s caliber, making it one of the best romance films from this part of the world.​

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