Yogi Babu's Dharma Prabhu press meet was an emotional, nostalgic affair

Though he hasn’t been funny in most of his recent films, there is no denying the fact that Yogi Babu is the numero uno comedian in Tamil cinema currently. Apart from acting alongside all the top heroes of Tamil such as Rajinikanth, Vijay and Sivakarthikeyan, he is also doing the lead role in films like Dharma Prabhu, Gurkha and Zombie. The audio of Dharma Prabhu was launched earlier today in Chennai at a press meet. While Yogi mostly doesn’t attend the promotional events of the films in which he is just the comedian, he led from the front at this press meet.

This is what the director of the film, Muthu Kumaran said at the press meet; he was quite emotionally charged, “Yogi Babu and I have been close friends since long; we were even roommates for a very long time. We discussed this script many years back and to see it getting materialized today is a blessing. The film is a fantasy subject based on Lord Yaman and we have narrated it with fun-filled moments. My other upcoming film Kanni Raasi featuring Vimal and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar was completed in 45 days while we managed to wrap up Dharma Prabhu in 40 days. Yogi Babu’s good hearted nature is what has made him such a big star today. There were times when we would wait for him to bring back 300 rupees remuneration from his Vijay TV ‘Lollu Sabha’ shooting so that we could all cook food at home. Today to see him so successful gives me a lot of joy.”

The man of the moment Yogi Babu said, “I and director Muthu Kumaran have been friends for 15 long years and all that he told is true. We have stayed and journeyed together through many crisis situations. Today we are happy that our dreams have come true. The role of Lord Yamam is something exceptional and I am sure that this film will be one among the special ones in my career.”

Yogi also responded to rumors that he was charging producers a bomb, on a daily basis. “So far, I haven’t demanded any big remuneration from my producers and have always adjusted my dates and schedules for the sake of their well being”, concluded Yogi.

Chennai Dharma Prabhu Yogi Babu

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