Yuvan Shankar Raja's shocking update on Suriya's NGK

Yuvan Shankar Raja has had a highly productive year with superhits like Irumbu Thirai and Pyaar Prema Kaadhal to his credit. He has many more noteworthy films lined up to complete the year like Peranbu, NGK, Maari 2, Kazhugu 2 to name a few. In a recent exclusive interview to In.com to promote his latest release Raja Ranguski, Yuvan opened up about the huge expectations on NGK.

"Whenever I go online to post an update or chat with fans, they keep asking me about NGK. Director Selvaraghavan also experiences the same when he goes online. The excitement and expectations are huge. A project like NGK requires a lot of work. It will be an epic. Coming to the status of its music, whatever we had worked on, we decided to scrap it all and have started afresh," he said.

The release date of NGK isn't clear yet. From what Yuvan says, it seems that the project is far from being complete and still has many more work days ahead. Its release in 2018 looks unlikely as of now.

Yuvan also added that Maari 2 was a fun project and that he was in the process of working on a gallery-pleasing theme track for it.

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