Adanga Maru review: Jayam Ravi impresses as the righteous angry young man

Jayam Ravi has done quite a few films as the angry young man looking to cleanse the society of evil elements and wrongdoers. Thani Oruvan is his most noteworthy film in this space while Nimirthu Nil was also a reasonably accepted one. Adanga Maru falls somewhere between these two. The film has been directed by debutant Karthik Thangavel who keeps crimes against women at the core of his story. Ravi is seen as a cop and also a clever vigilante who takes out the perpetrators (4 of them) one by one.

Karthik employs some smart (but over the top) technological gimmicks to drive the story ahead in the second half. The first half has some nicely integrated scenes of romance and family sentiment, with the lovely ‘Oh Sayaali’ song sequence, while the latter half is all about the rugged action hero going all out in his mission to get rid of the baddies. Composer Sam CS spices up the film with one repeating background hook theme.


Ravi is intense and delivers unfailingly. He is someone who can be convincing while indulging in action, romance as well as family-oriented scenes. The film has many other popular support actors like Sampath, Azhagam Perumal, Mime Gopi and Ramadoss enacting cop roles. The villains are mostly unknown young actors turning out amateurish, unrefined performances. Actress Poorna has a cameo role enacting a lawyer while the pretty and pleasant lead heroine Raashi Khanna gets just a few combination scenes with the hero.

Adanga Maru has the right intentions and the first half grabs our attention, with the desperate hero trying his best to uphold justice against a powerful group of villains. The second half doesn’t match the levels of the first as we know already that the hero will eventually triumph. His journey towards the finish line could’ve been presented more interestingly and plausibly. But such films always find some level of favour with the audience. After all, most of us still love to indulge in the guilty pleasure of seeing the hero mete out instant justice to the society’s criminals.

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