LoveYatri review: This love yatra is strictly for garba lovers only

Loveratri, or LoveYatri as it’s known now with the tagline ‘The Journey of Love', is about two youngsters falling in love during the colourful dance fest of Navratri. Pretty self-explanatory, right? The trailer and the songs released are enough to decode the monotony of this plot. Yet, the makers were forced to alter the title from ‘ratri' to ‘yatri', so that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments attached to the festival. But, c’mon, changing a title isn’t really going to do any great help to salvage the situation here.


A Baroda-born young lad Sushrut (lovingly addressed as SuSu) has a dream of starting his own garba academy in Baroda and to fulfil his dream, he takes up an exciting job of teaching garba to small kids, something he hopes is going to help him in the long run probably. But wait! There’s no excitement in his life, because there’s no girlfriend. Here enters the mama, the bubbly Ram Kapoor who gives him unmatched free advice on love and voila! He finds his gori mem on the first night of Navratri. His gori mem is an NRI named Michelle who’s a topper in the best college of London. She’s here to, well, enjoy her vacations and fulfil her mother’s dream.

She too falls for Sushrut’s charm and they end up doing the garba a bit too much. But, their love story isn't without trouble, obviously! The jilted Susu has to go saat samundar paar for his ladylove, all the way to London. He also has the perfect way to get his visa! Any guesses?  Garba guys! His fab garba is enough to set the mood in the visa office and he makes his international debut, all for the sake of love. Will he manage to earn his love back? Now that’s something we can’t disclose but the one thing we can assure you of is the fact that we have a whole new set of peppy, groovy garba tracks this Navratri.

The songs are the sole saving grace of this tedious love saga. Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain as Sushrut and Michelle are good-looking, but looks aren’t enough to make it work on the big screen. They are unable to portray the earnestness needed in their characters. Aayush with his deadpan expression and six-pack abs does no good and even Warina with her gorgeous looks fails to save the day.

Ram Kapoor as his Mama played cupid, but we’re oh so bored of these uncles playing cupid kinda characters. Rohit Roy as Warina’s father is a natural, and yes, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan’s cameos too deserve a mention, solely for reminding us of Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa. Niren Bhatt could have done a lot with the storyline but he leaves nothing to imagination and produces a simple, plain, common plot with just the songs as the saving grace. Sanchit Balhara you deserve a mention for curating a good soundtrack, but we’re not very pleased with the newbies here.

Verdict: Strictly a one-time watch, that too for those who enjoy garba tracks.

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