Nithya Menen's striking thoughts on feminism and women trying to become more and more masculine

Among South Indian heroines, Nithya Menen stands tall with her talents as an actor, performer and also her mature thoughts during interviews. She isn’t in the numbers game that drives commercial cinema, and takes her time and does quality films which showcase her in a dignified manner. Nithya has made a splash now with her thoughts on feminism and how women are unfortunately trying to become more and more masculine and aggressive in today’s world. She said so in a recent interview to BBC Telugu. Excerpts below:

“The crux of being a woman is that she can create something. Being a woman is a powerful, at the same time, soft feeling. The feminine energy is nourishing, creative and calm; the feeling of being a mother best describes the feminine energy. We’ve been created to make people happy. Unfortunately, that energy is going away from women and I now see that they are all starting to become masculine and more aggressive. I feel that’s sad! Women are starting to learn fighting, kickboxing; of course, she can learn all these forms but when she says that she can do what a man does, that itself is like admitting that men are more powerful. I want young girls to feel proud about being a woman. They should start questioning, “Why should I do what he does, can he do what I do? Can he have a baby in his stomach?”. Being a woman is automatically a strong feeling and I want young girls to have that feeling. They needn’t fight to prove their strength. Strong means being soft, beautiful and motherly. God knows what will happen to the world if everyone wants to be more and more masculine!”, said Nithya in a deeply thoughtful and pensive mood.

“I’ve seen some wonderful men who are very very supportive of women coming up in life. We can’t say in common that men are dominant. Ultimately we are all humans”, said Nithya. That her opinions are getting a unanimous vote of acceptance from men on social media goes without saying!

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