The Accidental Prime Minister Mid Movie Review: Should you watch this?

Since the film's announcement, it has been mired in controversies. The Accidental Prime Minister's press show is on, and while I sit here and watch the film, holding onto to my free popcorn and soda, my mind rummages with all that has been going on. The trailer created quite a stir in the industry with people suggesting that it is part of political propaganda as elections loom over us. Now, wait, this isn't an op-ed piece about politics. This is a mid-movie review of this Anupam Kher starrer.

The story till now is as follows: Sonia Gandhi has decided that Dr Manmohan Singh will be appointed as Prime Minister of the country as Congress has won the 2004 elections. This prompts the hiring of Sanjay Baru as Singh's media advisor. As it were to happen, the turning point of the film is the infamous nuclear deal with the US. As the interval nears, I must mention that Akshaye Khanna is certainly hitting his prime with films like Mom and Ittefaq - TAPM is only an added feather to his cap! Anupam Kher leaves no barrel empty as the former Prime Minister - the casting is certainly on-point!

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