Shah Rukh Khan's special cameo in Madhavan's Rocketry: Is it a planned move or just a favour?

Shah Rukh Khan's recent graph in Bollywood has been a sorry one. The actor, who is now suffering from back to back flops, is yet to announce his next project. In the last few months, we hear that Shah Rukh Khan has rejected close to six scripts with an idea to pin down a solid project that will bring his mojo back at the box office. The Rakesh Sharma biopic, the Hindi remake of Vikram Vedha and a few other films are projects that have been brushed away by the actor. But now, it looks like Shah Rukh Khan has finally green lit his way into a film.

The actor will be playing a special guest appearance in actor Madhavan's directorial debut Rocketry, which is currently in its final stage of shoot. Shah Rukh will come in for the Hindi version, while it would be Suriya for the Tamil version. With so many potential hits in his vicinity, it is quite surprising to see SRK go ahead for a debut director, but it can also be termed as a favour for a friend. It is worth mentioning here that Madhavan had an extended guest appearance in SRK's Zero, which came out for Christmas last year.


Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is the biopic of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan, who was falsely charged with espionage and arrested in 1994. Nambi's innovations in the field of rocket science didn't make it to the limelight because of this incident, which left a black mark on the graph of India's space exploration. Madhavan has completed a majority of the shoot for the film, canning it across important parts of India, Georgia, Russia and Europe. It will be looking to hit the screens by the end of the year.


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