"She's totally my strength and keeps me positive all the time", says Virat Kohli about Anushka Sharma

Post setting new marriage-goals for the country and with fans still obsessing over the beauteousness of the couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma has been frequently displaying their adorable affection for each other. We have seen Anushka cheering enthusiastically for Virat during all his cricket matches and captioning Virat’s photos with hearts and kisses. Needless to say, there are also fans who can’t miss out on a single opportunity to remain updated about the two. In a video shared by one of Anushka’s fan clubs, Virat opened up about Anushka’s enthusiasm for Cricket.

"She is very passionate about the game. She understands the game and she can understand the sentiments of all the players, what they go through and stuff, which I think is the most beautiful thing," he said. Virat also called wifey “captain, off the field”, leaving another moment for the fans to go aww. "She takes all the right decisions in life. She's totally my strength and she keeps me positive all the time, and that's what you want in a life partner so I'm very grateful", he added.

Earlier this month, Virat took to social media to dedicate a post for his lady-love captioning it as ‘My one and only’. He also left no stone unturned for making her 30th birthday special. The actress later took to Instagram to thank him publically, sharing another adorable picture of the two.

The two got hitched in December 2017, after being in a relationship for over four years. The big fat fairy-tale wedding was followed by the grand reception in Mumbai, which had the attendance of all the who’s who of Bollywood.



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