Shoojit Sircar and debutant Banita Sandhu out of sync at October trailer launch

Movie launches are a synchronized event where stars, directors and producers alike are groomed on what to say and how much to say when placed on the podium before a room full of journalists. While Bollywood over the years has learnt the seasoned art of charming the paparazzi, newcomers still struggle to learn the tropes of the trade. For Banita Sandhu, debutant at Shoojit Sircar’s October, the syncing was not in place.


As with most debutants, Sandhu expressed her joy on being cast in the film and her dream of working with Sircar in abundance. “I said yes without even hearing the complete story line because for me, I was so desperate to work with Shoojit sir again. I did not care if it was a role for 10 minutes. I did not even know Varun was even going to be in it. I did this film because I really wanted to work with Shoojit sir again. He is a luxury as a director,” she said during the launch.

But her answer was not in sync with what her director had to share about the actress. “She was not interested in Bollywood as such to work here but I told her I would not disappoint you and she said ok. She blindly agreed to work on this film,” Sircar had added during her introduction.

Seems like a little speech preparation for the two would have worked better for the two. October is slated for a April 13 release.

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