Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota has a hair raising story and it’s an expensive tale

We cannot say that Bigg Boss season 12 is one of the most addictive seasons of the show. But the contestants are trying their best to entertain us. They are fighting, bitching, romancing and what not. But recently, something totally interesting happened. Anup Jalota, the famous bhajan singer, made a revelation in the house. Basically whatever are you see on Jalota’s head right now is thanks to the hair transplant he had.

Deepak, Romil, Rohit and Anup were talking to each other and Deepak asked Anup about what he has done on his head, to which the bhajan singer replied that he has undergone hair transplant. He revealed that he gave Rs 100 for every strand. He further added that he had lost hair from the front of his head because of which he had to do the procedure. Providing more hairy details, he said that hair from his beard too was from the transplant. Well, in total, Anup Jalota spent a whopping Rs 7 lakh to get hair on his head. That a hair-raising amount if you ask us!


By the way, Anup entered the Bigg Boss house in the jodis category with Jasleen as his partner. The two don’t really talk about their affair, but they have always mentioned that they share a special relationship. However, the two are now playing individually.

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