Bigg Boss 12 Day 101 Written Update: Deepak Thakur turns into a TV bahu!

Popular TV show Bigg Boss has successfully completed 100 episodes. It’s the 101st episode tonight (Wednesday) and the promo has made it difficult to contain excitement for it any longer. As per the promo, tonight’s episode will see ex-Bigg Boss contestant Gauahar Khan stepping inside the house, who puts some interesting tasks on the housemates. Amidst which, she also gets into a heated argument with Sreesanth. Are you ready for all the drama? Let’s begin!


9:10 pm

As we have seen in the previous episode, the house has now turned into a hotel named BB hotel where the contestants are tasked to entertain the guests.

The housemates get a surprise appearance by Gauahar Khan. She begins with KV and asks him to take off his shirt and get good things written about him on his chest by the housemates. She then tasks Sree to ask Dipika for her nikaah dupatta and Shoaib's jacket and keep it in the storeroom. Sree refuses to do it and says that he doesn’t want to be selfish in the show. He then quits the game. He later gets upset with Gauahar and Romil for their demands. He loses his cool with Gauahar for insisting him to convince Dipika to leave Shoaib’s jacket and nikaah dupatta in the storeroom.


9:20 pm

It’s time for Gauahar to depart from the house and she is asked to hand over the ‘star badge’ to the best contestant. She announces Surbhi as the winner.

As per the task, Dipika gets the chance to be the next guest of the house. She asks Romil to get his beard shaved by Surbhi. Meanwhile, KV is instructed to give Deepak a makeover like a television ‘bahu’.


The housemates welcome Aalisha Panwar after Gauahar Khan. The housemates please her with lively performances. KV is given the second task of doing a strip dance for Aalisha and Dipika. Deepak impresses with a heartwarming song. Later, Aalisha announces Deepak as the winner of the golden star badge.


Next, we have Jasmin Bhasin in the BB hotel and the housemates give her a warm welcome. She asks Deepak to woo her. Deepak takes off his t-shirt, jumps into the pool and sings his heart out for her. She then hands KV a task of getting Romil ready as a girl.

9:40 pm

Jasmin is all praises for the housemates. Deepak wins the star badge again for his gifted performance.


Surbhi hugs Dipika and tells that whatever she has done, it was just a part of the task. Dipika, however, calls her a fake, double-faced person. The two eventually get into a nasty argument.

9:50 pm

Sree jumps into the argument and it gets uglier when Surbhi and Sree start arguing.


The promo of tomorrow's episode sees that a lot of popular TV faces going to enter the house. The housemates will also have a surprise mid-week eviction too. Who will it be?

Stay tuned!

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